Don’t be surprised if the necessary materials list for your next class includes a potted plant, an old muʻumuʻu or a laptop.

The HoMA School’s newest catalog includes an array of brand new art classes that cater to just about every interest, medium and level of expertise, designed with the community’s feedback in mind. The programming team has added a total of 39 new classes for the spring semester, ranging from one-day workshops to 12-week classes.

“We added a bunch of new classes that our regular instructors have thought about teaching, but never really had the space to do it,” explains Studio Program Manager Sarah Smith. “These new classes expand the depth and breadth of offerings, and really provide a new way to approach learning regardless of your experience or background in art.” 

Registration for Spring 2020 begins Wednesday, December 11 at 10am, with Contributing Members and above being able to register a day early.


Here are a few examples of some of the new and exciting classes to look out for this spring:

Muʻumuʻu Repair Workshop
Whether you’re looking to repair your own muʻumuʻu or you have a dress that you’ve been meaning to repair for ages, consider the Muʻumuʻu Repair Workshop this spring. Learn basic sewing techniques and muʻumuʻu-specific tricks from Shannon Hiramoto, designer of Machinemachine and founder of the Muʻumuʻu-for-a-Month movement on Kauaʻi.

Hawaiian Art, a Historical Perspective
Trisha Allen expounds on the interconnectedness of Hawaiian history and the art created during each era of our islands, encouraging dialog about the different art movements of the time and what enduring impacts they have on society today. 

Introduction to Gouache
If you’re looking for a more portable medium to paint on-the-go, try the trending watermedia, gouache (pronounced, “gwash”). This vibrant and fluid medium creates an opaque yet layerable color that requires just a paint set, brush and watercolor paper. Start at a one-day workshop or commit to a six-week-long class next spring.


Terra Cotta Planter Workshop
Learn to create stylish and functional ceramic planters with Dee Olivia. Known for her adorable animal planters, Olivia will introduce the techniques of ceramic hand-building at her one-day workshop. Leave with a new pinch pot planter for your favorite succulent, and a new skill!

Artist Website Workshop
If you have a body of work that you have yet to put on the web, learn how to create your own online gallery at the Artist Website Workshop. Hear from an expert on how to present your work according to industry standards and learn what the best practices are for promoting your website at this day-long workshop.

Travel Journals
Inspiration for creativity and art often comes when you’re out exploring–whether it’s a foreign country, a neighbor island, or even your own neighborhood. Refine the art of travel journaling this spring with Andrew Rose and document your next travel adventure through an artist’s perspective. 


Youth Classes:

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Workshops
Join us for a special make-and-take workshop to celebrate Mother’s or Father’s Day. Witness the magic of screenprinting and create a one-of-a-kind tote bag or set of tea towels, in addition to art prints on paper. Local textile designer Meleina Hancock will prepare screens with images that students will use to create a collage of images on fabric and paper. Any child (there are several classes for children ages 6 to 18), family member or friend is welcome to this workshop created to celebrate the many different mother and father-figures in our lives.


For a complete list of spring classes visit our website.