May, 2011


What is landscape?+

In Gallery 30, red dirt is rapidly transforming into a miniature landscape, one cone and one mountain at a time....

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James Jack, Orvis Artist in Residence+

James Jack is the current Orvis Artist in Residence. He set up shop in Gallery 30 on May 14 and...

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Darren Waterston helps install ‘Forest Eater’+

Artist in Residence Darren Waterston spent a year traveling to Hawai‘i—visiting Volcano National Park and researching writings and images of...

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On view: Daniel Trivieri’s “Grouper”+

On view right now in Exquisitely Modern: 50 Works from Herbert and Dorothy Vogel is a painting that appeals to...

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Academy ♥ volunteers+

At the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch on April 10, the museum recognized Esther Wetzel for her 20 years as an...

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